Welcome everyone,

We are pleased to announce that Hytheria is returning within the next few months! We are underway with the development of the server and we will be releasing more updates as the release comes closer. For now, please read though the below information about the server.

Server Information
➽ IP: play.hytheria.com
➽ Website: https://hytheria.com
➽ Store: https://store.hytheria.com
➽ Discord: https://discord.gg/Cg2uXhy

Social Information
➽ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hytheria
➽ YouTube: Coming Soon...

Contact Information
➽ Email: support@hytheria.com
➽ Discord: https://discord.gg/JuBPVX8 then "-new" in #bot-commands channel

Frequently asked Questions
Q/ When will the server be released?
A/ There is currently no set date on when the server will be released. Development is heavily underway though!

Q/ What happens to the stuff I previously donated for?
A/ Ranks which were previously purchased on any map of Hytheria will be re-credited!

Q/ Do Faction Leaders receive any benefits?
A/ Yes, Faction Leaders get a package on release. Check out the #faction-claiming channel in the discord to see what you're eligible for.

Q/ When do the release notes come out?
A/ Release notes will be released and subject to change approximately one week before the official release.

Make sure to join the Discord server to keep up to date with news and giveaways leading up to the release!

- Proudly

About Us

Hytheria provides a unique experience you'll never find on any other server.

Crafted from the ground up with tremendous attention to detail, optimisation, and stability. We guarantee a tremendous playing experience.

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Whilst all core aspects of the server will always be freely available to all players, it requires an incredible amount of hard work to manage a server of this scale. Consider purchasing something from our Store to help with the development of the server! Visit our Shop